Amilia's Birth Story: 12.16.2018

Oh my goodness, what an entrance this little lady made into this world! Her mama was hands-down one of the strongest ones I’ve ever come across — she went into labor on her own, labored until she hit 10cm, pushed for nearly an hour (sans any drugs! #beast) and her little lady wasn’t liking pushing or the contractions…as her heart rate kept dipping. So an epidural was given…to see if that would help her tolerate contractions and pushing some more. Welp, after another 30 minutes of pushes once the epidural kicked in, baby girl really didn’t like that and off to the OR we went! Maggie and Steve handled this major change to their birth plan so incredibly well and safely welcomed little Amilia into the world via c-section. I was so thrilled I was able to be there to capture their whole story for them! I hope you enjoy this birth story…man I sure did capturing it!

Drue's Birth Story: 8.24.2018

Every.single.birth. is so magical.

I cannot say that enough and cannot thank each and every set of parents that have allowed me to come into this amazing, incredible, once-in-a-lifetime event and snap their little miracle coming into this world.

Way back in the spring Ashley contacted me about birth pics and of course I couldn't contain my excitement about potentially getting to snap another little one entering the world!  This was a team green babe, a little rainbow after the storm, and I was honored when she said she wanted to go with me to capture his/her arrival.

Sometimes your birth plan doesn't go 'as planned' (why I guess it's just a 'plan', huh?!?!) and this stubborn little rainbow decided to be breech for 10+ weeks so a scheduled c-section was going to be the entry path!

I don't think it could have gone any better or any more perfect than it did!  Ashley did freaking amazing, her rock, her husband Adam was amazing, and on Friday, August 24th they welcomed their little lady Drue to this world!  

I have goosebumps looking back over at these snaps -- it truly was a magical birth to capture and I just loved being a part of it!  Congrats to this new family of three and wishing them many incredible memories and adventures to come!

Jett's Birth Story: 8.11.2018

Oh my goodness, another team green TURNED BLUE babe has arrived!  And I am sooooo thankful to his amazing parents for calling on me to capture it!

What a wonderful arrival it was -- a calm, chill, easy peasy repeat c-section for mama and both a super duper excited mama and daddy to meet their newest little guy!  He makes kiddo #4 for them and is just the perfect addition to complete their family.

Welcome to the world sweet Jett!  You are so loved little one!!

Magnolia's Birth Story: 7.19.2018

Oh my goodness.  OH MY GOODNESS!!

First off, let me preface how much I freaking love this mama (and doctor) for literally WAITING FOR ME to make it to this birth...cause I made it in the delivery room about 4 minutes before this little lady was born!  Holy cats, that was probably my closest call but I am SOOOO glad I made it (and totally taking it as a sign of good things to come!).

Okay, so this was such an incredible birth to witness -- Scarlett was a rockstar and seriously made it look sooooo easy bringing that sweet little Magnolia into the world!  She gave me a shout the night before that she thought she was in early labor, and then I heard from her in the morning again after her appointment and she was 4+ cm and heading into the hospital soon!  I WAS SO EXCITED!  It had felt like forever since I last snapped a birth and my trigger finger was getting super itchy. 

We kept in contact all day, and she hung at around 5-6cm for quite a while.  I heard from her about 7:45pm and she said she was still at 6cm...but being checked again in an hour.  I told her I hope she would be calling me saying she's at a 9+ and needs me there ASAP.  Well, wouldn't you know it...THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!

Her wonderful hubby called me a little after 9pm and said basically that: it was go time, she was feeling pressure and doc was on her way. GAHHHHH!!! Off I went -- literally ran out the door, grabbed my camera, and flew up to the hospital.

Welp, I flew up there -- and it was at a new hospital I'd never shot at before.  And wouldn't you know it?!  My idiot-self parked in the south garage and ran into the lobby and the security guard told me I was about 4 blocks away from where I needed to be! GAHHH! No time to move my car and repark so I ran at 9:30pm through the hospital with my 40lb camera bag and sweating my tail off.  Long story short, after lots of windy hallways and two times getting lost I got into mom's room a little after 9:40pm.  I had my camera out already, grabbed my other one, and snappppppped away!

Scarlett did INCREDIBLE and seriously made it look SOOOO easy.  A few pushes after I got there and out popped little Magnolia, delivered by her daddy.  It was simply incredible!  The next couple hours were spent snuggling and lots and lots of skin to skin and breastfeeding (this little lady is a champ nurser!).

Welcome to the world sweet little Magnolia, I am so honored I got to be there when you made your grand entrance!