St. Luke's

Barrett's Birth Story: 6.14.2019


This is another birth story that went from 0 to 100mph in like MINUTES!

Katy had to be induced because her little guy was measuring small (due mostly to a 2 vessel cord (instead of a normal 3 one)) and it was better to get him out than keep him in. She and her amazing hubby Tyler had been keeping me posted all day long and it was a long, slow induction. It seemed to take her HOURS to go another centimeter.

Tyler text me an update around 6 and said she was just a 5, progressing really slowly and to take my time. I replied that I was going to put my kiddos to bed in the next hour and head their way and hang out with them…but obviously if things picked up I could be there ASAP. I had already rescheduled my 6 and 6:30pm photoshoots cause I didn’t want to have to race out of theirs to go up to the hospital…and it’s a good thing I did!

A little after 7 Tyler text me still a 5, maybe a 6 but again, SO SLOW and to put my kids to bed and take my time. Like 5 minutes later I get another text from him, “Complete. Pushing.” and I was like WHATTT???!?! So panicked, called him and he’s like “yeah she felt pressure all of a sudden and we can see the top of his head so you probably wanna come.” I was like OMG I AM ON MY WAY!

It usually takes me 20+ minutes to get to St. Luke’s from my house…it took me 11. I sprinted, my very out of shape almost 17 weeks pregnant self through the parking garage and hospital and made it huffing and puffing into their room literally 4 minutes before this sweet little man was born!!! Katy mayyyyyyy have been doing some really good fake pushes until I got there. God bless her.

Little Barrett made his entrance on Friday, June 14th at 5 pounds even! I am so glad I made it and so glad I got to capture some snuggles and skin to skin before he had to go off to the special care nursery for a bit of oxygen and some glucose for his low blood sugar.

UPDATE: I am even more happy that I was able to capture this sweet boy’s arrival for his family — little Barrett went downhill quite fast after I left and is currently fighting for his life in one of the US’s best Children’s hospitals with heart/lung issues…these pics, as his parents have reminded me over and over again, are the only ones they have of him without tubes and machines connected to him. They give them a glimpse into what they hope will be the future with their son: home with them and snuggled up without any machines and support. If you’re the praying time, send some prayers up for little Barrett — he needs them now more than ever.

Penny's Birth Story: 9.25.2018

Oh my goodness. Seriously, the team green babes get me every.single.time! And another c-section mama, which those always hold a special place in my heart.

Laura was expecting baby #3 and was CONVINCED it was another boy. When she first told me she was pregnant I thought immediately it was a girl, but she was convinced it was another boy (she had one of each at home already).

Welp, c-section day came and low-and-behold, even after an initial ‘it’s a boy!’ shout by dad (who quickly corrected himself because the cord was so deceiving in the boy parts ever) little Penny Olivia made her entrance into this world. And what an adorable little lady she is! I LOOOOOOVED that mom used the clear drape for her c-section — that was SO COOL. Anyways, as always it was such a pleasure to be there to capture this little one’s arrival! I hope you enjoy these pics…I sure did taking them!