Finley's Birth Story: 3.5.2019

If this birth wasn’t the definition of meant to be, I don’t know what is! So my hubby Mike and I got back from Hawaii on Monday, 3/4 at 2pm. At the airport while waiting for our bags I replied to a birth inquiry, due 4/1, from Bethany with some questions and suggested we meetup in the next week or so to talk in person and chit chat about me possibly snapping her birth. I never heard back…

Until Tuesday morning. I was leaving a newborn session and stopped at Walgreens to pick up a prescription and my phone pinged and I saw Bethany’s email at 11:30am, which, to summarize, was a very panicked OMG MY WATER BROKE THEY ARE INDUCING ME I AM 36 WEEKS YOU ARE IN HAWAII WE WANT YOU HERE IF THERE’S ANY CHANCE PLEASE CALL and she left her number.

My heart raced cause I was pretty free the next day or so and DUH! I love me a last minute birth! I quickly sent her a text that I was indeed back from Hawaii and very available and to give me a shout. She called an hour later and was SO EXCITED that I was home and able to do this and maybe a bit terrified of this happening today, nearly a month before her due date! I kinda explained everything I do in my in-person consults and in my contract and told her to keep me posted.

The day went on and not much was happening…I got a message about 4pm that she was still about 1-2cm and not much was going on. Her mom then text me at 6:45pm saying she was 3cm and having contractions but would keep me posted. Awesome. Figured with being a first time mom we’d be looking at a 4am call for me to come and an early, sunrise babe. NOPE. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

I was sitting in my robe at 8:30pm with my hair still wet from my shower catching up on some emails when my phone pinged with another text from Bethany’s mom: “She’s 9cm you better come now” HOLY HELL!! She went quickkkkk! In the fastest get ready EVER I threw on my clothes, threw my hair back in a wet bun, grabbed my camera bag and made it to Barnes in record time. I got there about five minutes before dad, who had run home to let the dog out because there was PLENTY of time before this team green babe was coming (jokes!!), and then the doc walked in shortly after.

This first time mama was AMAZING. Not only did she have a super fast labor, she pushed out this sweet little team green TURNED PINK (who everyone thought was a boy, by the way) babe in just a few pushes! She made it look so easy! Finley needed a little bit of help to get the breathing thing down, but after some amazing work by the NICU team she was all good to go and back snuggling up with mama not even a half hour after her early arrival.

Man, this birth gave me all of the feels — and I took it as a massively huge sign that THIS IS WHAT I AM MEANT TO BE DOING for the sole fact that I had made it and was back from vacay to be able to snap it. I hope you love these pics…man, I sure did taking them!!!

Maverick's Birth Story: 3.6.2019

Oh my goodness, what a crazy past 24 hours I have had! Two births, a room apart from each other, at the same hospital, almost exactly 24 hours apart!! WILD!! But AMAZING! And so perfectly timed as I’ve been home about 48 hours or so from my Hawaiian vacation!

This adorable little (or big!!) man Maverick made quite the entrance! Knowing his mama’s history with quick labors, I elected to head her way when she was 4cm and I’m glad I did because just about an hour and a half later this guy arrived earthside weighing in a a massive 9 pounds 8 ounces at just 37 weeks!! What a chunker he is! THE BACK ROLLS!! GAHHHH! His mama and daddy were just completely smitten with him! He did need a little help getting his lungs cleared out but after some cpap and suction love he seemed to perk right up and want to eat…and eat he did!

I just loved documenting this sweet little dude’s birth story — and I just LOVE his parents too! And his amazing nurse…she is one of my all-time favorites and was SO GLAD she was there for both of these back to back deliveries I had! I hope you enjoy these pics…I sure did taking them!!

Magnolia's Birth Story: 7.19.2018

Oh my goodness.  OH MY GOODNESS!!

First off, let me preface how much I freaking love this mama (and doctor) for literally WAITING FOR ME to make it to this birth...cause I made it in the delivery room about 4 minutes before this little lady was born!  Holy cats, that was probably my closest call but I am SOOOO glad I made it (and totally taking it as a sign of good things to come!).

Okay, so this was such an incredible birth to witness -- Scarlett was a rockstar and seriously made it look sooooo easy bringing that sweet little Magnolia into the world!  She gave me a shout the night before that she thought she was in early labor, and then I heard from her in the morning again after her appointment and she was 4+ cm and heading into the hospital soon!  I WAS SO EXCITED!  It had felt like forever since I last snapped a birth and my trigger finger was getting super itchy. 

We kept in contact all day, and she hung at around 5-6cm for quite a while.  I heard from her about 7:45pm and she said she was still at 6cm...but being checked again in an hour.  I told her I hope she would be calling me saying she's at a 9+ and needs me there ASAP.  Well, wouldn't you know it...THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!

Her wonderful hubby called me a little after 9pm and said basically that: it was go time, she was feeling pressure and doc was on her way. GAHHHHH!!! Off I went -- literally ran out the door, grabbed my camera, and flew up to the hospital.

Welp, I flew up there -- and it was at a new hospital I'd never shot at before.  And wouldn't you know it?!  My idiot-self parked in the south garage and ran into the lobby and the security guard told me I was about 4 blocks away from where I needed to be! GAHHH! No time to move my car and repark so I ran at 9:30pm through the hospital with my 40lb camera bag and sweating my tail off.  Long story short, after lots of windy hallways and two times getting lost I got into mom's room a little after 9:40pm.  I had my camera out already, grabbed my other one, and snappppppped away!

Scarlett did INCREDIBLE and seriously made it look SOOOO easy.  A few pushes after I got there and out popped little Magnolia, delivered by her daddy.  It was simply incredible!  The next couple hours were spent snuggling and lots and lots of skin to skin and breastfeeding (this little lady is a champ nurser!).

Welcome to the world sweet little Magnolia, I am so honored I got to be there when you made your grand entrance!