Ashton's Birth Story: 4.10.2019

Well this sweet little man decided a whole month before his due date he wanted to make his grand entrance! He wasn’t due until May 8th, but decided at 36 weeks it would be the best time for him to come. Luckily, his entrance was smooth as can be — mama made it look SO EASY (seriously, just a few pushes!!) to get him here! — and despite being a month early, he came out screaming and a healthy five pounds and just the new glimmer in his parents’ eyes!

I was so glad I was able to make it to capture this sweet family’s birth story for their first little one — he is just the cutest little guy and is giving me crazy baby fever seeing him all snuggled up with his mama and daddy! I hope you love these pics…I sure did taking them!!!

Benjamin's Birth Story: 8.30.2018

My goodness what a busy month August has been for new babes!  I rounded out the last of my August birth mamas with this little fella's arrival late on the 30th...and oh what an arrival he had!  

What's nuts is that all four of my August births were c-sections -- that has never happened before!  But, being a 3x (soon to be 4x) c-section mama myself I am partial to capturing those for parents as best as I can...and little Benjamin's was no exception!

I just love the story his snaps tell -- I am just swooning over his pics!  Although his arrival wasn't what was planned, he came out safe and healthy as did his mama and that is always the end goal with every birth.  I hope you enjoy these...I sure did taking them!!

Jase's Birth Story: 8.27.2018

I KNOW this is 'MoBap Birth Stories' but dang nabit I have a few of my own clients wrapping up their deliveries with me at other hospitals before I am just exclusive to you're gonna see a few from time to time that aren't MoBap! SHHHHH!! :)

This dude surprised everyone by coming almost 2 weeks early!  He had an eviction via c-section set (thanks to being frank breech!) and instead decided he wanted to party in August instead of waiting for his September birth date!  A little breaking of his mama's water and a superrrr early hospital trip resulted in an August 27th birthday for this guy!

And oh my goodness, what an entrance it was!  He was the cutest, sweetest, SO MUCH HAIR! little fella as soon as he came into the world!  And he was alllll about snugglin' up with his mama as soon as he came out too!

Kelly and Ryan are two of my most favorite people and I could snap their adorable family all day long! A huge thank you to them for letting me capture their little guy's arrival!  I hope you enjoy these snaps...I sure did taking them!!