Mercy South

Ruby June's Birth Story: 5.14.2019

Ahhhh, sweet little Ruby June! Man, good thing I’m already pregnant or CUE THE BABY FEVER!! HAHA!

So I have to detail a bit of Ruby’s birth story… her mama text me Monday morning that she was being induced at 8pm that night. AWESOME. She was already almost 4cm dilated so I figured it was going to go quick. We checked in with each other as the night went on, and about midnight she said she was 4-5cm and they were going to break her water around 4 or 5am…just let her labor down on her own and rest (she just got an epidural). Awesome. I asked if she wanted me to come up and she said no, she didn’t want me waiting around so I said well give me a shout whenever and I’m there. So I dozed off, periodically waking up to check my phone.

At 3:18am I got a text that said, “my water just broke on its own.” I replied, “Awesome I am on my way.” I called my dad to come over (since Mike was working) and I headed to the hospital…got there about 3:50am. Just as I was walking in her husband had grabbed the phone and was getting ready to call me because IT WAS GO TIME, she was 10cm. WOOT! So glad I didn’t wait for that call and just came…because barely 20 minutes later baby was out after only a few pushes (and the last push wasn’t even Rachel — holy fetal ejection reflex!!). So had I waited for that call I wouldn’t have made it!!

But I did, and sweet little Ruby June made her entrance into the world at 4:10am weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches long. Rachel did amazing and made it look SO EASY! Congrats to this sweet family — cannot wait to do their newborn pics next week! I hope you enjoy these…I sure did taking them!!