baby girl

Lilliana's Birth Story: 9.5.2019

Oh what an amazing birth this was! Much like Maverick’s birth back in March, Lilliana’s mama is also a Labor & Delivery nurse so she had her crew of buddies also acting as her providers that day! It was so much fun documenting her arrival for them because it was almost like a giant party of your friends all there to welcome your new babe into the world.

This birth was my ninth in a month (holy cats!!) and ZERO have overlapped and it was just an amazingly awesome month of documenting new babes coming into this world! Marissa rocked her birth with Lilliana and I am so happy I was there to document it! I hope you love these pics…I sure did taking them!

Lyla's Birth Story: 8.27.2019

Oh what an amazingly awesome birth story this was! I just LOOOOOOVED getting to capture sweet little Lyla’s arrival and I loved EVEN MORE that her big brother was there to witness the entire thing! Mama totally labored like a boss — and so quick! — and in the early morning of August 27th Lyla made her entrance into this world! I just adore how her pics turned out… I hope you do too!!

Isabella's Birth Story: 8.26.2019

Being a soon-to-be 5x c-section mama myself, I absolutely love getting to capture belly births. And when they are scheduled ones — that are relaxed and planned and all of that preparedness — they are just truly magical!

Little miss Isabella’s here was no exception! Her mama and daddy, after a long road of infertility and IVF and Isabella being the lone embryo that stuck, finally arrived at the hospital early in the morning on August 26th to meet her. I met them there and was honored to document and capture her story! She came into this world knowing only love and I think that’s truly all she’ll ever know! I hope you enjoy these pics…I sure did capturing this sweet little one’s arrival!

Johanna's Birth Story: 8.16.2019

Oh goodness what an amazing birth this was to capture!!! Casey totally ROCKED this birth — and it was such a redemptive, healing birth from how her first went. She made it look easy, and roared this team green turned pink little lady into the world so quickly! I am forever grateful to Casey and Kevin for letting me capture this sweet little lady’s arrival!!

Ruby June's Birth Story: 5.14.2019

Ahhhh, sweet little Ruby June! Man, good thing I’m already pregnant or CUE THE BABY FEVER!! HAHA!

So I have to detail a bit of Ruby’s birth story… her mama text me Monday morning that she was being induced at 8pm that night. AWESOME. She was already almost 4cm dilated so I figured it was going to go quick. We checked in with each other as the night went on, and about midnight she said she was 4-5cm and they were going to break her water around 4 or 5am…just let her labor down on her own and rest (she just got an epidural). Awesome. I asked if she wanted me to come up and she said no, she didn’t want me waiting around so I said well give me a shout whenever and I’m there. So I dozed off, periodically waking up to check my phone.

At 3:18am I got a text that said, “my water just broke on its own.” I replied, “Awesome I am on my way.” I called my dad to come over (since Mike was working) and I headed to the hospital…got there about 3:50am. Just as I was walking in her husband had grabbed the phone and was getting ready to call me because IT WAS GO TIME, she was 10cm. WOOT! So glad I didn’t wait for that call and just came…because barely 20 minutes later baby was out after only a few pushes (and the last push wasn’t even Rachel — holy fetal ejection reflex!!). So had I waited for that call I wouldn’t have made it!!

But I did, and sweet little Ruby June made her entrance into the world at 4:10am weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches long. Rachel did amazing and made it look SO EASY! Congrats to this sweet family — cannot wait to do their newborn pics next week! I hope you enjoy these…I sure did taking them!!

Finley's Birth Story: 3.5.2019

If this birth wasn’t the definition of meant to be, I don’t know what is! So my hubby Mike and I got back from Hawaii on Monday, 3/4 at 2pm. At the airport while waiting for our bags I replied to a birth inquiry, due 4/1, from Bethany with some questions and suggested we meetup in the next week or so to talk in person and chit chat about me possibly snapping her birth. I never heard back…

Until Tuesday morning. I was leaving a newborn session and stopped at Walgreens to pick up a prescription and my phone pinged and I saw Bethany’s email at 11:30am, which, to summarize, was a very panicked OMG MY WATER BROKE THEY ARE INDUCING ME I AM 36 WEEKS YOU ARE IN HAWAII WE WANT YOU HERE IF THERE’S ANY CHANCE PLEASE CALL and she left her number.

My heart raced cause I was pretty free the next day or so and DUH! I love me a last minute birth! I quickly sent her a text that I was indeed back from Hawaii and very available and to give me a shout. She called an hour later and was SO EXCITED that I was home and able to do this and maybe a bit terrified of this happening today, nearly a month before her due date! I kinda explained everything I do in my in-person consults and in my contract and told her to keep me posted.

The day went on and not much was happening…I got a message about 4pm that she was still about 1-2cm and not much was going on. Her mom then text me at 6:45pm saying she was 3cm and having contractions but would keep me posted. Awesome. Figured with being a first time mom we’d be looking at a 4am call for me to come and an early, sunrise babe. NOPE. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

I was sitting in my robe at 8:30pm with my hair still wet from my shower catching up on some emails when my phone pinged with another text from Bethany’s mom: “She’s 9cm you better come now” HOLY HELL!! She went quickkkkk! In the fastest get ready EVER I threw on my clothes, threw my hair back in a wet bun, grabbed my camera bag and made it to Barnes in record time. I got there about five minutes before dad, who had run home to let the dog out because there was PLENTY of time before this team green babe was coming (jokes!!), and then the doc walked in shortly after.

This first time mama was AMAZING. Not only did she have a super fast labor, she pushed out this sweet little team green TURNED PINK (who everyone thought was a boy, by the way) babe in just a few pushes! She made it look so easy! Finley needed a little bit of help to get the breathing thing down, but after some amazing work by the NICU team she was all good to go and back snuggling up with mama not even a half hour after her early arrival.

Man, this birth gave me all of the feels — and I took it as a massively huge sign that THIS IS WHAT I AM MEANT TO BE DOING for the sole fact that I had made it and was back from vacay to be able to snap it. I hope you love these pics…man, I sure did taking them!!!

Dakota's Birth Story: 1.3.2018

Oh what a wonderful WONDERFUL birth story to start 2019 with! This sweet little lady made her arrival just a few days into 2019 via scheduled c-section and I am forever grateful I was able to be there to capture her entrance! Her parents are just wonderful and were so smitten with adding a new little lady to their family. This was just a beautiful birth to attend and I am forever grateful to being able to capture little miss Dakota’s arrival! Happy 2019 friends!

Amilia's Birth Story: 12.16.2018

Oh my goodness, what an entrance this little lady made into this world! Her mama was hands-down one of the strongest ones I’ve ever come across — she went into labor on her own, labored until she hit 10cm, pushed for nearly an hour (sans any drugs! #beast) and her little lady wasn’t liking pushing or the contractions…as her heart rate kept dipping. So an epidural was given…to see if that would help her tolerate contractions and pushing some more. Welp, after another 30 minutes of pushes once the epidural kicked in, baby girl really didn’t like that and off to the OR we went! Maggie and Steve handled this major change to their birth plan so incredibly well and safely welcomed little Amilia into the world via c-section. I was so thrilled I was able to be there to capture their whole story for them! I hope you enjoy this birth story…man I sure did capturing it!

Penny's Birth Story: 9.25.2018

Oh my goodness. Seriously, the team green babes get me every.single.time! And another c-section mama, which those always hold a special place in my heart.

Laura was expecting baby #3 and was CONVINCED it was another boy. When she first told me she was pregnant I thought immediately it was a girl, but she was convinced it was another boy (she had one of each at home already).

Welp, c-section day came and low-and-behold, even after an initial ‘it’s a boy!’ shout by dad (who quickly corrected himself because the cord was so deceiving in the boy parts ever) little Penny Olivia made her entrance into this world. And what an adorable little lady she is! I LOOOOOOVED that mom used the clear drape for her c-section — that was SO COOL. Anyways, as always it was such a pleasure to be there to capture this little one’s arrival! I hope you enjoy these pics…I sure did taking them!

Drue's Birth Story: 8.24.2018

Every.single.birth. is so magical.

I cannot say that enough and cannot thank each and every set of parents that have allowed me to come into this amazing, incredible, once-in-a-lifetime event and snap their little miracle coming into this world.

Way back in the spring Ashley contacted me about birth pics and of course I couldn't contain my excitement about potentially getting to snap another little one entering the world!  This was a team green babe, a little rainbow after the storm, and I was honored when she said she wanted to go with me to capture his/her arrival.

Sometimes your birth plan doesn't go 'as planned' (why I guess it's just a 'plan', huh?!?!) and this stubborn little rainbow decided to be breech for 10+ weeks so a scheduled c-section was going to be the entry path!

I don't think it could have gone any better or any more perfect than it did!  Ashley did freaking amazing, her rock, her husband Adam was amazing, and on Friday, August 24th they welcomed their little lady Drue to this world!  

I have goosebumps looking back over at these snaps -- it truly was a magical birth to capture and I just loved being a part of it!  Congrats to this new family of three and wishing them many incredible memories and adventures to come!