The Hesselbach Family: 5.19.2018

Meet the Hesselbach family!  This awesome crew met me nice and early on a Saturday at one of my favorite snappin' spots, Lafayette Square Park!  We had such great weather and everyone was so happy and cooperative, it was a wonderful shoot all around!

Little Everly, who I last saw when she was born, has gotten SO BIG!  I cannot believe she is 10 months old!  I just loved snapping her pics again and getting to meet the extended family for some pics.  I hope you enjoy these, I sure did taking them!!

Dana, Senior: 5.17.2018

Meet Dana!  This amazing gal is a senior at Kirkwood High School (my alma mater!) and is about to graduate (class of 2018! woot!) and we got together for some amazing senior pics (and some pics with her pup too!) on a wonderful spring evening.

I LOVE this girl so much -- her vivacity for life and personality was just so much fun! I also love all of her tattoos!  She is amazing, I so enjoyed snapping her senior pics, I hope you enjoy seeing them!!

Parker, Newborn: 5.17.2018

Meet little mister Parker!  This handsome dude was born just a week ago and was SO FREAKING GOOD for his newborn pics this morning!  Seriously, dream baby and was so alert and awake for all of his snaps!  Mom and dad are clearly taken with their newest little guy too.  They are just the sweetest family ever!  AND they're part of my grow with me bundle so you'll be seeing a lot of them to come!

Big brother Bradley was wonderful too -- he is completely smitten with his new brother and I am loving all of the shots we got with them together!

I hope you love these pics, I sure did taking them!!

Front Yard Swingin': May 2018

We got a new swing for our front yard and ohhhhhh boy are these kids of mine loving it so!

I feel like I should note that it does hold adults (woooooot!) and I've very much enjoyed swinging on this too.  It's like a swinging hammock!

Anyways, Patrick, Rosie, and even Annie were alllllll about this swing and having me push them as high as they could possibly go.  I know this is going to be a summer staple 'round these parts!  I hope you enjoy these pics, I sure did taking them!

Mother's Day: 5.13.2018

Oh what a wonderful Mother's Day we had!  Seriously, it was one of the BEST around -- and I think I went overboard on snaps but I am SO GLAD I did because how freaking cute are these??!?!  After Charlotte's Fresh 48 in the morning we had a fun little family pizza dinner at my in-laws and oh what a fun time we had!

We ate outside, the kids ran and played, and I obviously went snap-happy...but isn't that what is the best?! Documenting families and real life.  

Oh how I love this crew so much! I hope you enjoy these pics...I sure did taking them!  And yes, you're getting some pics in color and black and white cause I can't freaking decide which I love here's both! HAHA!