Drew, Fresh 48: 7.17.2019

Oh gooooooodness! The baby fever is so real with these sweet babes I keep getting to snap! Sweet little Drew here was no exception! He was born barely a day ago and I got to snap some sweet pics of him and his family — especially his very excited big sisters! Mama and daddy are clearly so smitten with him and I can see why: he’s just the cutest! I hope you enjoy these pics…I sure did taking them!!!

Henry, Fresh 48: 7.15.2019

Well, this might be the freshest fresh 48 I’ve ever done! Sweet little Henry was just about an hour and a half old when I met him and got to snap a few first pics of him as well as him meeting his big brothers and sister! And oh my goodness, what a sweet, fun family these guys were! Although a bit different than my usual Fresh 48 sessions, I just LOVE this ‘golden hour’ session immediately after birth with the new babe and family. They’re all completely smitten with their new little babe and bro! I hope you enjoy these pics…I sure did taking them!

Jackson, Fresh 48: 7.3.2019

Oh what a sweet little pea this guy was! Jackson was born two days ago and had to go to the NICU for a short stay for a little bit of help, but he is just doing so wonderfully that we snuck in some Fresh 48 snaps in his NICU room! And what I love about these is you really cannot even tell that we were in the NICU! I mean, despite the fact that there was no windows (booooo), I think we made out okay with his pics. He truly was the cutest little guy and I cannot wait to do his newborn pics when he is at home and settled! His mama and daddy are clearly smitten with him :) I hope you enjoy these pics…I sure did taking them!!