extended family

The Lusk Family: 12.30.2018

My official LAST session of 2018 is in the books and with one of my most favorite FAVORITE families! These guys came out on a chilly Sunday afternoon for some extended family snaps while everyone was in town and we just had a blast in downtown Kirkwood talking their pics and some of my favorite spots! The kiddos were troopers with the chilly weather and I just LOOOOVE how these pics turned out…I hope you do too!!

The Gabel Family: 12.27.2018

Meet the Gabel Family! These guys were so wonderful to come out for some rainy Thursday morning extended family snaps! Although it was warm out, the STL rain had us hunkered inside…but in one of my most favorite indoor locations at the Kirkwood train station! We were able to sneak outside for a few pics too — I just love how these turned out! I hope you do too!

The Roth Family: 12.23.2018

Meet the Roth Family! This is one of my most favorite families and by some miracle the stars aligned and ALLLLLL four kids and their significant others and kiddos were in town at the same time (because none of them live in STL!) so we coordinated schedules and got together for some extended family snaps! I am just swooning over the pics we got — everyone was so great (and totally embraced the candid life) and I just love these pics…I hope you do too!

The Brown Family: 8.26.2018

Meet the Brown Family!  These guys braved some very VERY warm STL temps (that we had been seemingly avoiding for the past couple weeks!) for some extended family snaps and I am SO GLAD we were able to get them in!  

This family was so fun and little Declan, who's 18 months old, was just a little ham for pictures!  I just love how much you can see the love radiating throughout this family!  I hope you enjoy these pics...I sure did taking them!!

The Zitzmann Cousins: 7.17.2018

Meet the Zitzmann cousins!  This crew of awesome cuzzies were just so wonderful to work with -- and all of these cousin kiddos were just AMAZING for some big cousin family pics!

Everyone was AWESOME about the STL heat (which was actually not too bad!) and I am just loving these golden hour cousin photos we got of this awesome crew.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them!!!