extended family

The Brown Family: 8.26.2018

Meet the Brown Family!  These guys braved some very VERY warm STL temps (that we had been seemingly avoiding for the past couple weeks!) for some extended family snaps and I am SO GLAD we were able to get them in!  

This family was so fun and little Declan, who's 18 months old, was just a little ham for pictures!  I just love how much you can see the love radiating throughout this family!  I hope you enjoy these pics...I sure did taking them!!

The Zitzmann Cousins: 7.17.2018

Meet the Zitzmann cousins!  This crew of awesome cuzzies were just so wonderful to work with -- and all of these cousin kiddos were just AMAZING for some big cousin family pics!

Everyone was AWESOME about the STL heat (which was actually not too bad!) and I am just loving these golden hour cousin photos we got of this awesome crew.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them!!!

The Matthews Family: 7.7.2018

Meet the Matthews Family!  This fam got some snaps at one of my favorite spots in Missouri -- down on a gorgeous lake in Ste. Genevieve!!  This family was so wonderful to work with and I just loved snapping their pics!  I have done the Pikaard family's pics before (and they just welcomed little Lydia earlier this year!) so I loved seeing those little ladies again, but it was so great to meet all of the rest of this big fam and snap some family pics!

We totally lucked out on the weather too -- it had been SO FLIPPIN' HOT the past several weeks and today it was almost CHILLY in the morning with like no humidity!  It was just the perfect morning for some family snaps! I hope you enjoy these pics -- I sure did taking them!!

The Ayres Family: 7.1.2018

Meet the Ayres Family!  The big family got together for some extended family snaps and I am SO GLAD they gave me a shout to snap these!  They were such troopers battling some HOT STL weather and I am so glad they did cause I am LOVING how these pics turned out!

All of the kiddos (even the brand new ones!) were just wonderful for their pics! This family just radiates love and I loveeeeee these snaps we got!  I hope you do too!!

The Flesh Family: 6.24.2018

Meet the Flesh family!  Now little Indie is an old hat around these parts -- I've snapped that adorable little lady more than anyone else I think (and I looooooove doing it and love that her parents let me snap her so much -- she is the best dressed kiddo I've ever met! Her mama has the best style). 

We got together on a Sunday summer evening for some extended family snaps and I am just obsessed with how they came out! I hope you enjoy these...I sure did taking them!