Anita's Glama Shoot: 1.28.2018

Ahh, this was such a fun shoot to do!  My dear cousin Callie, who lives in California, saw Goose's 90th birthday pics I did and decided she wanted to do the same thing for her grandma (my great aunt, Goose's sister!) Anita!  Anita just turned 89 years old, and Callie flew in from Cali for this makeover weekend! Callie has actually launched The Glama Project and it aims at providing a free makeover and photoshoot for grandmothers (or great grandmothers even!) to give them their special shining moment in the sun to showcase their ageless beauty, both in and out!  What an amazing project Callie has created and I can't wait to see it take off and showcase some amazing Glamas out in California!


Anyways, here are a few snaps from Anita's Glama Shoot -- it was so much fun, Anita was absolutely GLOWING (how adorable is she?! And her stunning clothes and jewelry!  JUST PERFECT!) -- I hope you love these...I sure did taking them!