Baby Penelope's Arrival: 2.1.2018

Oh my goodness gracious.  What an entrance into this world for little miss Penelope!  GAH!!!  I am SO GLAD Katy and Tyler allowed me to capture their little lady's arrival into this is probably one of my most favorites.  I am so glad I was able to be there to capture Tyler literally delivering their rainbow baby girl!  Tyler is a firefighter and has some experience with in the field medical situations, so it was only fitting that he got to deliver his little girl.  And man, Katy rocked this birth and Tyler was the best support system EVER!!  

Man oh man, Katy truly is a ROCKSTAR.  She is absolutely incredible (along with having a super fast delivery!) and made her little lady's birth look so easy peasy! I am in tears writing this post and looking back at their snaps...oh what a magical early morning entrance it was for this little lady on February I don't think they'll ever EVER forget!

I hope you enjoy these birth know they are my most favorite to capture!