Goose's 90th Birthday Shoot: October 2017

Oh, this shoot is one of my most favorites I've ever done.  My sweet sweet dear grandma Goose is celebrating her 90th birthday on October 29th, 2017 and earlier in October we got together with some props (and cake!!) for a little shoot to honor her big milestone!  

As she's gotten older her eyes and ears aren't as sharp as they once were; however, in these pics you can totally see how much she's seen and experienced over the years and all that she's endured and weathered!  I just get teary eyed looking at these and thinking about all of the lives she's touched and how wonderful it is that she's made it to 90, and still able to enjoy her cake at that!


I could go on and on about my sweet grandma, but for now I'll leave it at this and let you enjoy these snaps of her rockin' her way into 90!