Miles' Arrival: 11.13.2017

Remember back just 18 short months ago I snapped little Wesley Omick's arrival...and here we are, almost 18 months to the day and I was back to snap baby Omick #2's arrival!  

Katie and I have become such good friends since Wes arrived and I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE how they are team green and don't find out the gender of their babe until d-day!  We chatted so much through her pregnancy and I was convinced #2 was a girl while Katie held firm that #2 was another little dude!


Well into the late hours on November 13th, we found out that Katie was right: #2 was another boy!  Katie was amazing -- having an unplanned c-section but took it like a champ.  Little Miles Omick came into this world a little before midnight tipping the scales at 9 pounds even and 21.5 inches long.  Gosh how freaking amazing Katie was!


I hope you enjoy these, I sure did taking them!  Births are freaking magical.  MAGICAL!!