Mini Mooneys: January 2018

So we've had a bit of cabin fever as of late...I get antsy wanting to snap something since it is SO COLD out and my outside sessions are limited, so BOOM!  My kids to the rescue!  Although we have stolen away for a few chilly outside snaps too...thanks to my brave kiddos!  

One of my 2018 goals is to do less (like way less!) posed pics and way more lifestyle candids...and I think, about halfway through January, I am doing pretty darn good with hitting that goal!  I just love capturing their raw emotions and inquisitiveness and just them being themselves as they're playing and I'm there on the sidelines documenting.  Obviously I've been doing this for my own kiddos' snaps, but I am totally taking this approach with all of my 2018 client sessions too!


I absolutely love this lifestyle/documentary style candid photography...I am really trying to incorporate that in every shoot I do this year!  Obviously yes, we will get some posed pics, but I want to spend time capturing people just being themselves and interacting with the people and environment around them.  Gah!  2018 is going to be awesome -- it's already off to a great start, I cannot wait to see where it goes from here!


I hope you enjoy these little snippets of our life as of late...a little bit of cabin fever, yet a whole lotta childhood captured.