Mini-Sessions: 3.31.2018

Oh my goodness.  ALL.WEEK.LONG. these minis were threatened to get rescheduled because of the HORRENDOUS wet weather we were having here in STL.  Like awful awful AWFUL wet rainy weather.  Saturday's weather looked a little dicey, but I was going to take the risk because there was only a small percent chance of rain and dang nabit, we were gonna risk it! Now the ground was still a wittle bit saturated, but I am SO GLAD we did these minis cause I am absolutely LOOOOOVING how they turned out!  Seriously, a great group of people -- lots of new faces!! -- and I just had a blast at these minis that I am SO GLAD we did and didn't postpone!  My next round is in 3 weeks and I'm hoping for nice weather and none of this rain anxiety business all week long again!  Haha!  I hope you enjoy these pics -- I sure did taking them!