Mitz Kids' Shoot: 3.3.2018

Oh what a fun day this was!  One of my longest promo product companies that I've been snapping for, Mitz Kids, asked me to do some studio snaps for them...and while this was totally outside of my lifestyle outdoorsy (or in-home) snappin' style, I decided to go ahead and do it because I love this brand and what they stand for SO MUCH.  

About 6 weeks before this shoot I rounded up some models (7 of them to be exact!), got their sizes for their Mitz outfits, rented a studio (a special shout-out to Jodie at Fresh Art Photography for renting hers out to us, and BOOM!  The shoot was set!


The day of the shoot came and I was a wittle nervous -- just cause again, outside of my norm and what I'm use to, but I think it went AWESOME.  The kids were AWESOME (the only problem child was my own, drama llama Rosie strikes again) and I am LOVING how these snaps turned out!  I hope you enjoy them...I sure did taking them!