Mom's Favorite Things: 8.20.2017

Ahhh, what a fun morning we had!  A rare Sunday without a formal photoshoot booked = time for me to take my burritos out for them to experience some of mom here's most favorite things: fun settings to take pictures at and Target adventures.  

The kiddos humored me this morning and we went back to that awesome colorful wall in STL that we hit up back in July and snapped some more pics!  We then hit up Target, and since I had my camera with me we snapped some more pics back in my favorite aisle to snap in.  My son Patrick even took over my camera for a few...the black watermarked images are pics he took (and I edited!) and the white watermarked images are the ones I took.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy these pics...they sure were fun to take!