Rick & Kathy: Cheers to 40 Years! 9.10.2017

Ahhh, cheers to 40 years Rick & Kathy!  My most favorite in-laws are celebrating their 40th anniversary on 9/10/2017 and I just HAD to share this pic we recreated!  

My amazing hubby Mike came up with this idea like a year ago and we finally pulled the trigger to recreate one of their most favorite wedding pictures...sitting in the backseat of their Chevy Nova about to depart from their wedding.  The cool thing is: it's the same car and everything 40 years later that they are seated in!  How cool is that?!  Pretty awesome that they hang onto most everything so we can recreate a gem like this.


Anyways, I just had to share this little comparison snap I did for them...I hope you enjoy it...I sure did!  They are such an inspiration...I hope we can recreate this again for their 45th and 50th...and many to come after that too!!