Robyn + Super Michael: 1.17.2018

Just over a month ago I shared this post about my dear dear friend Robyn and how she was gearing up to donate her kidney to Super Michael!  Well, the day has come -- it's donation day! I met Super Michael, his mom and dad, and Robyn (and her mom and her hubby Joe!) super early this morning to snap a few last minute hug and snuggle pics of donor and donee before both of them headed off to pre-op!


I cannot begin to describe how amazing and giving Robyn is to do this -- I am literally getting goosebumps sitting here typing this up thinking of what an incredible thing she's doing for Super Michael and how wonderful and selfless she is!  GAH!  I feel so honored and blessed to call her my friend!


I wanted to share a few pre-op pics with you all...and hopefully we may have some other pics of these two together once the transplant is complete!  Stay tuned!