Robyn + Super Michael: 1.20.2018

Guys.  Wow. JUST WOW.  I have NO WORDS to describe these two and how freaking AMAZING they are.  Super Michael is doing AMAZING -- I mean, that doesn't really even describe how he's doing...he's knocking his new kidney out of the water! (You can follow along with his journey here) Robyn is recovering nicely too...the transplant was a great success and both could not have asked for better outcomes!  The STL Post-Dispatch did a really neat article on them here if you want to check it out.  

If you've missed my previous posts, check them out here and here...but I am so SO happy I have been able to document a small part of this journey for these two.  They are just incredible and I cannot express enough what a selfless gift Robyn has given this wonderful little dude.  Being able to capture Robyn meeting up with Michael for the first time after she gave him one of her kidneys...there are just no words!  It was so incredible and so awesome that I was able to be there to snap this for these guys!  I hope I can continue to snap their journey and relationship as they grow older together!  Enjoy these pics...I think these guys will forever be some of my most favorite people to snap!