Rosie & Princess Dolly: 9.21.2017

Gosh I looooove our backyard.  It's been the perfect setting for my twilight minis and honestly for any quick little session I want to snap with the kiddos! So tonight Rosie asked to take some pics with "Princess Dolly" -- her new Civil War doll our sweet 90 year old neighbor gave her, so I decided to go with it (and then email our very tech savvy old neighbors the pics as a thank you!) and snap some twilight pics of Ro and Princess Dolly.


Obviously Princess Dolly wasn't in all of the pics, Rosie had to have some solo in her ice cream dress and cat ears (she 100% picked out her own outfit!) and do some amazing poses, but yeah, these turned out awesome!  I hope you enjoy them -- I sure did taking them!