Rosie at Target: 8.6.2017

I will first say that I totally stole this idea from someone -- not sure where I saw it but I've seen some "Target photoshoots" popping up throughout Facebook and other photog blogs I follow and decided on this morning's adventure to Target with my girls that I'd bring my big camera and snap a few pics of Rosie in the aisle looking all sassy in our favorite place.  

Welp, it was tax free weekend (DUMBO ALEX!) and it was PACKED! However, we snuck over to cosmetics and I positioned my cart to block the aisle for just a bit and bribed Rosie with some fruit snacks to dance in the aisle and twirl and "pose" and she killed it.  I couldn't stop laughing and I'm sure anyone who saw me was like WTF is going on, but it was SO WORTH IT for these snaps! I totally had Annie in the Tula too so I probably looked insane but whatever, I am LOOOOVING these Target pics with my biggest little lady and I hope you do too!