Super Sheldon: 6.23.2017

Super Sheldon is one incredible kiddo.  This guy is my good buddy Robyn's third little man (Robyn is the CEO and creator of TinySuperheroes) and he was born with a birth defect called Vertical can read more of his story here if you are so interested!  

Sheldon just had his final surgery and ditched his casts (lots of them he's had in his short 4 months of life, as you can see!) and now is rockin' his boots and bar for 23 hours a day for the next year!  I love love LOVE these pictures because they tell Sheldon's story and all that he's overcome with his feet. He is an incredible and amazing kiddo and I cannot wait to watch him grow and soar (and snap lots of pics along the way!) now that he's rockin' his boots and soon will be rockin' two completely healed feet!  Keep doin' what you do best Sheldon -- not letting anyone or anything stand in your way!