WWII T6 Texan Flight: 6.11.2017

Oh wow, what an amazing day!!  Way back in February my dad turned 60 and to celebrate Mike came up with an amazing idea to get him a ride in a T6 Texan WWII airplane.  He saw this online and we booked it!  We waited until it was warmer and nicer out, and settled on today for the day my dad would take his flight!  

We brought the entire family out for this and I am SO GLAD we did!  Patrick even got to taxi around the runway with my dad and the pilot Greg after my dad's flight!  And, best part: Greg had a GoPro mount on the wing of the airplane and I had brought my GoPro for my dad to hold up during the flight, but mounted on the wing was like 10000 times better than just holding it so we mounted it and got some amazing snaps! I brought my big camera too and snapped some as well...and I had a really hard time picking out these teasers from over 2000 pics the GoPro and myself took!  Ha!  Anyways, I hope you enjoy these...I sure did taking them!  This was such an amazing experience for my dad and I cannot wait to make him a big book with all of these snaps!