4-5 years old

The McMahon Family: 6.6.2019

Meet the McMahon family! Third times’ a charm for this fam — we had been rained out and sicknessed-out the past two times we’ve scheduled pics and FINALLY we were graced with a gorgeous evening for pictures! Riley and John were just adorable for pics and I just LOVE how these turned out… I hope you do too!

The Morgan Family: 7.26.2018

Meet the Morgan family!  These guys were in town all the way from New York and came over for some twilight mini snaps!  The last time I snapped them was shortly after their youngest -- who's almost two! -- was born!  My oh my how these sweet little girls have grown!

I loved that we snuck in some pics with their besties, the Bertels, who had a mini right before them as well! I hope you love these pics...I sure did taking them!!

The Mooneys Do Disney: March 2018

We ran away to Disney World for the week and oh boy, what fun we had!  Since I just blogged a short novel on my personal blog, I'm linking it up below the 3 parts of our trip if you want to read the details...and then dumping my favorite snaps from the week here below too! PART 1



We had such an awesome trip -- I cannot wait to go back again SOON!  We'll bring our Annie girl next time as well.  Hope you enjoy these snaps -- I sure did taking them!  WHAT A WEEK!

Patrick & The Glitter: 2.26.2018

Patrick had a bit of FOMO after he saw Rosie and Abby's glitter pics, so we decided to grab the glitter and head outside (glitter = ALWAYS OUTSIDE!) for some snaps of his own! To say he loved these was an understatement -- he had a BLAST!  Oh what fun he had in that late afternoon sun and pretty gold glitter! I hope you enjoy these...I sure did taking them!

Snowy Man Bun: 2.17.2018

We woke up to a surprise this morning: SNOW!  I had NO CLUE it was suppose to snow, let alone STICK (considering it was 78 degrees two days ago!) so I was shocked with the fresh blanket of white that was out front!  I decided to grab Patrick (sans coat. WHOOPS.  But how cute is his Man Bun shirt from Swanky Shank?!?!) and take some quick snow pics and oh man, I am LOVING THESE!  

I hope you enjoyed them...I sure did taking them!