Mooney Minions

Annie in the Alley: 5.27.2018

I mean, you know I can't resist sharing pics of my littlest lady now can I?!  We visited one of our favorite spots, this super cool alley in downtown Kirkwood, and I decided to bring my camera and snap a few pics of Annie!

Girlfriend is almost 16 months old and not walking, but dang nabit she can stand like a champ!  HAHA! I hope you love these snaps -- I sure did taking them!

Annie on the Wall: 5.26.2018

I had to share these snappies here too cause I am just in love with them -- I took them today on the retaining wall in our backyard of Annie and I am LOOOOOVING how they came out!  First off all, cause this...this is what you see vs. what I see.

Some may just see a weed-invested level of the retaining wall...where as I see a prime photo opportunity!  Anyways, I tossed Annie out there for a few snaps and I wanted to share some here with you! I hope you enjoy these -- I sure did taking them!!!

Front Yard Swingin': May 2018

We got a new swing for our front yard and ohhhhhh boy are these kids of mine loving it so!

I feel like I should note that it does hold adults (woooooot!) and I've very much enjoyed swinging on this too.  It's like a swinging hammock!

Anyways, Patrick, Rosie, and even Annie were alllllll about this swing and having me push them as high as they could possibly go.  I know this is going to be a summer staple 'round these parts!  I hope you enjoy these pics, I sure did taking them!

It's Shorts Weather! 4.12.2018

Ohhhhh how we are embracing this warm weather (FINALLY!) and loving every second of it!  My big kids got to wear shorts to school for the first time in 2018 today and we just had to document it!  Well, actually my big kids ASKED for pics in their shorts (gosh if they aren't photog kids, I don't know what they are!) before school so who am I to deny them?! I absolutely LOVE these pics and I hope you do too!!

Spring is Coming! 4.10.2018

Ohhhh, spring time: I can almost taste you!  I am WELCOMING your warm weather with open arms!  We are getting a taste of you these next few days in STL and then back to icky cold and rainy this weekend...but hopefully that is short-lived and back to spring time next week! I feel like we've been inside for a thousand years so when it warmed up to 53 degrees on Tuesday, we just HAD to break out and take the girls (Patrick was on a date with his aunt) outside for some fresh air!  So after dinner (and a few snappies inside with the warm sun shining through for what felt like the first time in forever), we walked to the park and oh what a fun time was had -- especially by Rosie! I hope you enjoy these pics -- I sure did taking them!