The Path

Rosie & the Glitter: 2.24.2018

Ahhhh, Rosie.  My strong-willed little lady!  And lately, my child radiating photographer's child syndrome.  HOWEVER, today I caught her on a rare good day and she wanted to help me test out some shots with glitter before Abby's 30th birthday shoot later this I jumped on her willingness!  

And oh my goodness, I am LOOOOOOVING these pics I got!  Seriously, glitter is freaking AWESOME and maybe I'll offer it now to my clients?!! OUTDOOR shoots only obviously :)  We did get a few signature 'Rosie poses' in there as well.  Anyways, I hope you love these pics...I sure did taking them!

Mornings on the Path: 2.20.2018

Just a little early mornin' adventuring on the path for these two!  We've had SO MUCH RAIN the past couple of days (and therefore a few canceled-and-rescheduled sessions for me!) so I've been itchin' to not only get out of the house, but snap too!  So very thankful for my trusty photog's children who are always okay with my photo needs.  These pics are just my favorite because I didn't tell them to do anything!  Just said I wanted to take a few pics on the path and BOOM!  This is how they acted! GAH! I love them! I hope you love these too!!

The Flemings: 6.12.2017

Ahhh, one of my favorite families!  I can't believe it was already a year ago we were snappin' Harrison's 1 year pics and BAM!  Now we are here for a twilight mini-session snappin' some 2 year pics for him!  Time sure flies, doesn't it?!  

We had a great evening for some twilight snaps on the path -- Harrison was so good and such a little ham for his pics!  I absolutely had a blast with him and his parents!  I hope you enjoy these pics...I sure did taking them!

Rosie on the Path: 6.5.2017

Ahhhhh, sweet sweet golden hour, how I love you so!  Rosie was a perfect little model tonight for a test-run of my new twilight mini-sessions I am offering now and starting to snap this week!  Minus it being a tad bit hot and mosquito-y out, This quick little session with my biggest little gal was oh-so-perfect and I KNOW my clients that have booked these (or WILL book them!) are going to absolutely LOVE them!  

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these snaps as much as I did taking them!