downtown Kirkwood

The Hecker Family: 7.5.2019

Meet the Hecker family! This crew was ALL in the same spot for the first time in forever (lots of out of towners in this crew!) and we just had to get together for some extended family snaps!! Rain and thunderstorms threatened us ALL DAY LONG but we were able to squeeze in some time in between the rain for some pics at one of my favorite snappin’ spots! This crew was just so much fun and I just love all of the pics we got… I hope you do too!

The Banks Family: 6.9.2019

This crew was visiting STL for the weekend and decided to give me a shout for some family snaps in one of my favoriteeeeee spots, Downtown Kirkwood, before heading back south to go home! Barrett and little Canon were just angels for their pics and I am just obsessed with the ones we got — especially all of the candid ones! Rain threatened us all week but fortunately none was had (woo hoo!). I hope you enjoy these pics…I sure did taking them!!

The Lusk Family: 12.30.2018

My official LAST session of 2018 is in the books and with one of my most favorite FAVORITE families! These guys came out on a chilly Sunday afternoon for some extended family snaps while everyone was in town and we just had a blast in downtown Kirkwood talking their pics and some of my favorite spots! The kiddos were troopers with the chilly weather and I just LOOOOVE how these pics turned out…I hope you do too!!

The Gabel Family: 12.27.2018

Meet the Gabel Family! These guys were so wonderful to come out for some rainy Thursday morning extended family snaps! Although it was warm out, the STL rain had us hunkered inside…but in one of my most favorite indoor locations at the Kirkwood train station! We were able to sneak outside for a few pics too — I just love how these turned out! I hope you do too!

The Aldy Family: 12.24.2018

Ohhhhh one of my most favorite families was in town for Christmas and we just HAD to squeeze in some early Christmas Eve morning family snaps! I hate that they live 5 hours away but am SO HAPPY when they’re back in STL and hit up me for family pics! Their kiddos Wyatt and Kennedy were just so good for their family snaps! I hope you love these…I sure did taking them!!