Momtog Class: 5.6.2018

Welp, I finally listened to everyone's advice and got together a momtog class for those wanting to know how to take better pics of their kids!  

This was my first go-round with this and I offered two classes: one for smartphones, and one for DSLRs!  I had SUCH A BLAST today with these guys and gals teaching them all about the exposure pyramid and getting the confidence to switch that camera off of auto and put it on manual!

I had to take some behind the scenes pics of my momtoggers and wanted to share them here with you! I think I'm going to be offering an online momtog class too that people can signup and take (at their convenience) -- just need to get working on gathering the content and logistics for that!

Anyways, wanted to share a few snappies from this fun class -- I hope everyone that came out enjoyed it and had a blast and LEARNED A LOT!  If there's enough interest (and I wasn't too boring!) I can continue to offer these in the future, both in person and online!!! Stay tuned!!