Penny: 5.14.2019

Welp this may be one of my most favorite sessions EVER.

Penny’s mom is a dear friend (I’ve snapped their family for years and even did Penny’s birth last fall!) and OMG, she came to me with the BEST IDEA EVER for a photo shoot last week and I was like YES. DONE. Let’s BOOK IT NOW. And we did!

Basically I present you with baby boudoir. Haha! Laura said, “This last baby has me wanting to appreciate/celebrate aaallll the stages. I feel like we go ga-ga for newborns and then it’s time for first birthdays... But this sweet, marshmallow dumpling is just the cutest roly poly baby and I never ever want to forget it."

Yep. Done. Let’s document this little meatball’s rolls!! And we did. And had a blast doing it! I hope you enjoy these (and sorry if it onsets baby fever. Good thing I’m already pregnant! haha!)…man, I sure did taking them!!