The Kingham Family: 6.9.2018

Oh how I freaking LOVE the internet SO MUCH. I know there's a lot of bad on it, but dang nabit, there is a whole lotta good too.

Nearly 5 years ago I 'met' Jess -- we started following each other on Instagram seeing as we were both young moms deep in the cloth diapering world, amongst other things.  Even though we were in 2 different countries, we chatted a TON through social media and then eventually through texting and Facebook groups!  Well, as of today, she is no longer just an internet bestie, but now a real life one too!

I had an absolute BLAST hanging out with her, Tom, and their two adorable kiddos Archie and Daisy in London!  We did this family shoot nearby the River Thames and I loooooove how these snaps came out SO MUCH!  I seriously cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this shoot and all that we got to do today together (aside from snapping, we had a long time to chat and eat and catch up in person!!) -- anyways, I could go on and on, but for now I'll leave you with these pics I got the pleasure of snapping for her amazing family! I cannot wait until the next time our paths' cross again!!