TinySuperheroes Minis: 5.12.2018

Ahhh, this is a round of minis near and dear to my heart!  My dear friend Robyn, the owner and mastermind behind TinySuperheroes, I teamed up with her to do these very special minis to get some kiddos on her waitlist sponsored with capes!  For these minis (and another round in 10 days on the 22nd) all people had to do was sponsor one TinySuperheroes cape and BAM!  They get a free 10 minute mini with me!

We did these at my twilight mini location and I am just loving all of the familiar and new faces that came out for pics!  I just am really loving these pics so much and it something so near and dear to my heart snapping these pics for TinySuperheroes! I hope I can do another round of these again in the fall too! I hope you enjoy these snaps, I sure did taking each and every one of them!!