2018 Favorites

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I cannot tell you HOW MANY PICTURES I took in 2018. Like tens of thousands. Shoot, maybe even a hundred thousand. In April Pics & Paws was laid to rest and Alexandria Mooney Photography was born...and with that, a few weddings (which, side note, I am officially retired from the wedding snappin' game -- just focusing on births and babies and families and couples going forward!), so so so many birth stories (and a contract with MoBap tossed in there too!), newborns and families and couples and even a few puppers too were snapped in 2018 and I am just forever and ever grateful to my amazing clients for letting me capture their memories (and share them!) throughout the year. I have high hopes for 2019 and cannot wait to see what I capture coming up! I did combine my birth snaps too (since duh, they're a BIG part of my biz!) so you'll see some of those in there as well. I collaged them all (OMG so many to pick from! I had the best time going through these and the HARDEST time picking out which ones to share!) and then made a quick 1 minute video (for social sharing!) and a longer one as well. You can click here to see them all individually too :)

2018 was a great GREAT year for my photog biz -- and I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store! So many amazing things to come, I just know it!! Thank you all for supporting my small business this year...words can't express how much I appreciate it. Love you all so much!

1 minute hyperlapse version:

8 minute version: