7 months

Penny: 5.14.2019

Welp this may be one of my most favorite sessions EVER.

Penny’s mom is a dear friend (I’ve snapped their family for years and even did Penny’s birth last fall!) and OMG, she came to me with the BEST IDEA EVER for a photo shoot last week and I was like YES. DONE. Let’s BOOK IT NOW. And we did!

Basically I present you with baby boudoir. Haha! Laura said, “This last baby has me wanting to appreciate/celebrate aaallll the stages. I feel like we go ga-ga for newborns and then it’s time for first birthdays... But this sweet, marshmallow dumpling is just the cutest roly poly baby and I never ever want to forget it."

Yep. Done. Let’s document this little meatball’s rolls!! And we did. And had a blast doing it! I hope you enjoy these (and sorry if it onsets baby fever. Good thing I’m already pregnant! haha!)…man, I sure did taking them!!


The Sandweg Family: 10.22.2017

I LOVE social media!  I met Allison through a FB group and I am SO HAPPY she gave me a shout for some fall snaps of her adorable family! Her little dude Lucca and little lady Colette were just SO GOOD for their family snaps!  We had kind of an overcast day, but it worked out just great for their pics at Laumeier Sculpture Park!  I am loooooving this fam's outfit color palette and the way it looked with the park!  GAH!  So perfect!  Lucca was just a little ham and Colette was such a doll.

I hope you enjoy these...I sure did taking them!