fresh 48

Patrick, Fresh 48: 3.13.2019

I’m still just so obsessed with this sweet little dude’s birth pics I snapped just two days ago…and then I got to come back today for his Fresh 48 pics! Golly, he was SO GOOD for these too — I am just obsessed with how they came out! His mama and daddy are just smitten with him and I can see why: he is just perfect! I hope you love these…I sure did taking them!!

Brooks, Fresh 48: 2.18.2019

I got the privilege to snap this adorable little man’s birth and then about 12 hours later got to come back to snap his Fresh 48 pics with his SO SO SO EXCITED big brother and sister coming to meet him! This was seriously the cutest, happiest little guy and he is such a loved little fella by his siblings and mama and daddy! What a wonderful addition to this new family of 5! I hope you love these pics…I sure did taking them!!!