Ellie & Kenley: 5.22.2019

Oh my goodness! Two of my most favorite little ladies had me take some dance pics of them in our favorite alleyway and I am OBSESSED with how these turned out! Maybe I’ll start offering these sessions before all of the dance classes?! HAHA!

These girls go to the same dance studio as my daughter Rosie and we decided to do some dance pics before class one evening and I am just loving how these turned out! I hope you enjoy them…I sure did taking them!!!

The Kettler Family: 4.20.2018

Meet the Kettler Family!  These guys are about to welcome baby girl #3 into their family REALLY soon and I am SO GLAD the gave me a shout for some family snaps before their newest little lady comes along! Norah and Cecilia were just little dolls for their pics and we had the most gorgeous night for pics too!  I am just LOVING how these turned out; I hope you do too!!


Rosie & Annie: 1.16.2018

Ahhhh, my two favorite little ladies!  We had some girl time with Patrick gone on an afternoon adventure and I decided to follow the girls around for some play time and bath time while they just were being themselves!  Lots of giggles and lots of tears were had! HA!  But, this is as candid and as real life as it gets, so I wanted to show ALL OF IT because that truly is what our house looks like  Lots of smiles but also lots of tears!  But it's crazy chaos and I wouldn't change it for the world! I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our everyday...I sure enjoyed capturing it!