Fresh 48 Prep Guide


  • Fresh 48s are my most favorite sessions! I love them because they are just that: pictures of a very fresh and new babe usually done within the first 48 hours of life! Babes change SO MUCH in those first days, so I love being able to capture that brand new goodness for parents and families!

  • The best time for Fresh 48 sessions are during daylight hours, usually in the morning (starting your session between 10am - 2pm usually gives the best light and happiest babe!). I realize sometimes with big siblings/family members/delivery time this Fresh 48 time frame is not always possible, but I will do my best to work with whatever time works for your family and babe.

  • Hospital lights = awful. They cast weird colors on you/babe and it gives inconsistent coloring to your pics…so we will be embracing your postpartum room’s natural light (open up those window blinds!), turning off those overhead hospital lights and taking advantage of the natural brightness as much as possible (another reason why I like doing these sessions during the bright part of the day). We’ll pop babe’s bassinet next to the window for those pics and then I’ll position you all for any family/group pics where you are getting the best natural light.

  • Try and feed babe shortly before our Fresh 48 time. This ensures baby has a full belly and will hopefully be happy and cooperative for pics! If you would like any feeding/nursing pictures, we absolutely can do this at the beginning of the session…so hold off feeding babe until I get there and we’ll get some feeding/nursing pics done first!

  • Turn up that heat! Fresh 48 sessions are usually quick (under an hour typically) and baby is soooooo much happier in a warm environment. This allows for babe to be comfortable for any naked pictures, as seen to the right.

  • What to wear? This is totally up to you! I have some moms would just stay in their hospital gown, while others bring their own robe or outfit! Truly it’s up to you. I do encourage moms to wear something comfortable and flowy so as not constricting on their fresh postpartum body. You can see below that mom chose to wear a floral robe which looked wonderful with her holding babe (in her very warm room so babe was comfortable!).

  • Embrace the hospital-ness! With this, I mean that it’s absolutely okay to get some pictures of you/baby in ‘hospital garb’ — so hospital gown on mom, hospital blankets and hat on babe, etc… I always love these very ‘hospitall-y’ shots and I try and sneak in a few at each Fresh 48…see the top picture.

  • Along with ‘hospital garb’ pics, I absolutely encourage parents to bring their own swaddles, hats, headbands, outfits, etc… for babe as well. Outfit/blanket changes are absolutely okay and I love when we get some hospital-y pictures and then ones with babe’s personal gear.

  • What types of pictures will I take? That’s totally up to you! I usually will take a variety of pictures to highlight babe’s newness: close ups on hands, feet, head (like the pics below!) — all of their little goodness features. I then will take some of babe by themselves in the bassinet and bed, and then some with mom, dad, siblings — whoever is there for the session!

  • How long do Fresh 48s last? Typically between 30-60 minutes. They are one of my quicker sessions, and I know how precious that time is those first few days so I don’t want to overtake that for your family, so I try and be quick. Providing me with a list of some shots you’d like to get definitely helps too! While you probably provided some on your Fresh 48 contract, you can always email/message me other ideas as well.

  • When will I get my pics? I try and have a speedy turnaround time for my clients, especially when it comes to births and Fresh 48s cause I know how much you want to see your new babe’s pics! I try and have teasers up on my social media pages the same day as your session (if requested!), and then have your full gallery back to you via email within a day or two of your session.

  • What happens if my baby is in the NICU? We can do one of two things: we can do a NICU Fresh 48 (you can checkout a collage below of one or click here) or we can switch to an in-home session newborn session when everyone is at home! NICU Fresh 48s are absolutely an option, as long as your hospital’s NICU allows for a visitor (other than mom/dad) and a photographer! Most STL area hospitals allow this and it’s no problem if you’d like NICU pics.

  • You can check out some more Fresh 48 examples below, or even more over here at my Fresh 48 gallery. I cannot wait for your Fresh 48 session and to snap some brand spankin’ new pics of your new babe!

  • When in doubt, ask me! I’ve been photographing babes for over 6 years and I can absolutely help guide you with any questions you have in regards to what to expect at your Fresh 48 session, what to wear, etc… I am always happy to help my wonderful clients!