Kaitlyn P.

I first contacted Alex when I found out I was pregnant with my 4th. It didn't work out to do announcement photos due to issues on my end but she was so nice about it. We finally got together for maternity photos and I wasn't disappointed! Alex was amazing with my 3 kids especially my 1 year old who wasn't having it lol. My pictures turned out amazing! Alex was also my birth photographer and she is really great about communicating. It was so easy to contact her. She stopped by MoBap when I was in early labor to check in, as she was close by doing photoshoots before. She came up in the middle of the night when we thought think I was close to delivering but it went on for 12 more hours ending in a csection. Alex is so good at her job I didn't even realize she was there, she is so quiet. She was able to come into the OR and take photos. Even after I gave birth she would check in on me and my son as he was in the NICU due to complications. And when I couldn't pay the balance off right away due to unexpected NICU stay and expenses, she was willing to work with me to pay off the amount overtime. I am so blessed she was placed along my path and to be involved in documenting my labor and delivery. Alex is such an amazing person and she is an amazing photographer! My labor and Delivery photos turned out amazing and she got them back to me within days of delivery! Thank you so much Alex for everything you have done for me <3

Katy B.

I was very nervous to have birth photography but after talking with Alex on the phone months before I gave birth I knew she was the perfect match for our family. She has a calm presence that can make anyone feel comfortable. She is so kind and genuine and made me feel so comfortable during the whole process. I barely knew she was in the delivery room to be honest. Personality aside she is so very talented at what she does. She captured the most beautiful moments of our rainbow baby entering the world. We cannot recommend Alex enough! She is wonderful so read no further and book your photoshoot. You will NOT regret it.

Katie M.

The first photos Alex ever did for our family were the birth photos of my second son. They will be treasured forever. She captured the most fantastic and emotional moments of our birth while being totally inconspicuous. No reason to be nervous having her in the room! She’s amazing. Since then we’ve had four photo shoots with her and she’s been just exceptional. She even got great photos of my son when he had hand foot and mouth! She’s just the best. I share her name with everyone because I’m constantly asked where our great photos are taken!

Hannah W.

Alex was amazing! I contacted her about a month before I was due and she listened to my every concern. I knew right away we had to book her. I ended up going into labor at 38 weeks so the first time I met her was in the hospital! She is such a friendly, kind, respectful person. She faded completely into the background so I could focus on achieving my VBAC. The moments she captured still bring tears to my eyes!! I’m forever grateful for the pictures we’ll always have. She WILL be there for any future kids we have!